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Future changes

This website was started in January 2006 with images of the Southern Railway's Hints for Holidays booklets. Since then it has grown to contain about 2800 images and 50+ commercials.

The Train Operating Companies home page has been modified. The next stage will be the addition of more of the Southern companies. This will probably start with Thameslink, etc.

The What’s New feature will be enhanced to link to the actual changes on the web page. With so many images on the site it is becoming much more difficult to pick out the latest additions.

Many many people have contributed to the success of this website by providing material for inclusion. The statistics show it has worldwide appeal across America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, India, Japan as well as Europe. Although there is a large amount of material waiting to be added offers of material for inclusion are always welcome. For example, there are at least 18 editions of the Southern Railway publication Picardy and Paris but only 10 are included. The 1988 Chessington World of Adventures leaflet seems very elusive as does material for the Southend airshow. Has anyone got a copy of the Spike Milligan TV commercial for InterCity or any of the radio commercials?

If you can help please email me, Tony Hillman